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The league is comprised of 10 fantasy team owners. Each owner will select a roster of players (23 player maximum and two IR spots that have to be occupied by injured players any deviance from that will result in a 10.00 fine), choose a starting lineup for each game of the 13-week regular season, and perhaps sign replacement players and/or make trades. At the end of the fantasy season, a playoff tournament will determine The Big Peter Champion.

Pre Draft

The Pre draft will be held sometime before the draft preferably 2 weeks prior. In that you must have your declaration of your Franchise, Restricted, and Rookies determined otherwise that right to retain those players will be forfeited and your entire team will be placed back into the player pool. If you can not attend this meeting for some reason you may send your request of whom you are retaining to my email, or my phone either the cell or the home or by snail mail or by pony express NO LATER than 24 hours prior to the pre-draft start time. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Only after keepers are established may we go forth with trades.  Trades of Draft picks or keeper players are all acceptable as long as they comply with any trade clauses already established.

Next year (2007) there will be a rookie draft consisting of 2 rounds at the Pre-draft Meeting.  All rookies from that year will be drafted in the order determined by a ball lotto.  The order we finish this year determines the number of balls that you will have in the ball lotto.  The distribution is as follows
10th - 50 balls
9th  - 25 balls
8th-   12 balls
7th-   12 balls
6th-   6 balls
5th-   5 balls
4th-   4 balls
3rd-   3 balls
2nd-   2 balls
1st-    1 ball (like lance armstrong)
For One Year you can keep a rookie selected in this draft with no penalty of loss of picks.  Thereafter those selected in the first round equate to a loss of pick whereas the second round selection does not.
A Defensive IDP draft does currently occur with the same ball lotto style.  Any IDP can be kept for free at anytime unless the point value of the IDP increases.

If the event that a player is named as your franchise player and he is injured in the 2 week span from the predraft to the regular draft you will have the option to release that franchise player for another on your team realizing that injured player will return to the player pool.


Base Draft

Position in The Big Peter Draft is decided by the standings of the previous year. The team with the worst record at the end of the regular season has the first pick in the Base Draft (i.e. the draft order before franchise and keeper players are signed), the team with the second worst record has the second pick, and so on. There is no longer a snake back draft so therefore the draft will go from worst to first each round. For rounds 1-5, each team is given 2 minutes to make their pick. For rounds 6-12, each team is given 1 minute. If a decision can’t be made within the time limit, the team will forfeit their pick to the next team in line. After that team had chosen a player, the floor will return to the team that forfeited the pick. The draft will last a total of 12 rounds. A team may sign as many players at one position that they choose, but must be able to fulfill a starting lineup every week.

Franchise And Restricted Players

Each team is to sign a FRANCHISE PLAYER from the previous year’s roster. The player selected must have been on the roster at the end of the previous year (i.e. if you cut a player, he can not be your franchise player). Franchise players do not count as a draft pick, rather are announced prior to the start of the Pre Draft Meeting. Franchise Players now can be retained indefinitely as long as the Franchise tag is placed on said player. If the player is not named as franchise and three years has elapsed then that player returns to the pool, otherwise with the franchise tag placed on the player each year that player will remain on your team as long as you wish to have him.

A team then has the option of signing RESTRICTED PLAYERS. As with franchise players, restricted players must have been on a team’s roster at the end of the previous year. A team has the opportunity to sign as little as 0 or as many as 2 players. If a player was selected from rounds 1 to 6 by the team attempting to sign said player, then the team will lose their first round draft pick. If a team signs two players taken in rounds 1-6, then that team will lose both their first and second round draft picks. However, if a team signs a player either taken in rounds 7-19 or signed off of waivers, then the team will not lose a draft pick. If a team signs a player that was acquired via trade, then the position the player was drafted by his initial team is used (i.e. if the player is taken in the 2nd round by his previous team, then the current team will lose a draft pick should he be signed as a restricted player).

A team reserves the right to forefit any further keepers other than the franchise to obtain the a suplemental pick prior to the drafts start.  This would be the first over all pick.  In the event 2 teams do this the suplemental pick order is based on record worst to first.

The Following is no longer valid but we are keeping this here because it effects others who are grandfathered in to older rules for current rookie rules please see PRE DRAFT RULES

Rookie Players selected in rounds 1-4 are restricted but 5 and beyond are free to keep without penalty of loss of draft picks. The year after the rookie year a player may be kept as your rookie with the 1-4 being restricted and 5 and beyond for free. After that Season the Rookie is recognized as Restricted meaning that the restricted rules are reverted to. Rounds 1-6 restricted 7 and beyond are unrestricted.


Owners submit a starting lineup each week consisting of the following players:

1 Quarterback

2 Running backs

3 Wide receivers

1 kicker

1 Tight end (starting in 2006)

1 Defensive Lineman

1 Defensive Back

1 Linebacker

This must be submitted prior to each game. You will have option to set your lineup 5 min before each game.  Once that game is started you are then locked in or out with that player therefore you will not be able to change that said player.  You can not replace a 1pm player who has started for a 4pm player that is yet to play and vice versa. 

No calls to the commish are accepted for any reason for any changes to your lineup.

You are responsible for your own lineup, which is posted on CBS SPORTSLINE. ALL TEAMS MUST HAVE ONLINE CAPABILITIES IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE BIG PETER FOOTBALL LEAGUE. The commissioner will not remind teams if they have failed to change their lineup, so keep track of your team. If a team is content with the lineup from the previous week, simply leave the lineup as is on the SPORTSLINE SITE.


Each team is allotted 2 positions on their roster for injured reserve. A player must be injured for at least 1 week before he will be place in either of these two positions. This allows teams to obtain the rights of a player for possible Franchise or Restriction status the following year without taking up an active roster spot. The commissioner must be notified if a team would like to exercise this option on a player. To be placed on injured reserve that player must be injured and not placed there to occupy a spot. A deviance from this rule will be punishable up to 10.00 each week this is done.


Any player not on the 23-man roster is considered on waivers.  Opportunities to sign or waive players are available throughout the regular season. However, waivers are not available for teams not in the playoffs, meaning once you play your final post season game whether in the losing bracket or the winning bracket you may no longer use the waiver wire. Players waived are not available to any other team until the week following their release. Signing a player on waivers is on a first come, first serve basis with the time now being 7pm on Tuesday where add drops can begin.  Any Selections that are made before that 7pm Tues time will be null and void and returned to the player pool even if it is one min before.  We can only go by the exact time that CBSSportsline Says the pick was made so make sure your computer is on time.  To add or drop a player, simply make the request on SPORTSLINE and the commissioner will make the change.


A trade becomes valid only after both parties involved have contacted the commissioner, verified the terms of the deal, AND THE COMMISSIONER HAS ACCEPTED THE TRADE. If the commissioner is uncertain as to whether or not the trade should be granted, then he will call upon the division winners from the previous year for council. If either of the previously stated teams are part of the deal, then 2nd place for their division will act as council. Each team involved must stay under the league maximum of 23 players (23 active, 2 injured reserve). Trades including contingencies for following weeks and the following year are allowed. Traded players are not eligible to return to their initial team’s roster until the following year. The trade deadline is the Wed Before the Thanksgiving day games.  No trades are accepted after the games of thanksgiving week.

After the Trade deadline all players are considered to be in the player pool until the pre-draft meeting whereas Franchise, Restricted and Rookies will be determined as long as they are in accordance to the rules of those protected players. Only then may trading of those players be allowed.

In the instance that a player trades his first round pick he cannot retain another player other than a franchise that was selected in rounds 1-6. He may though retain a player from rounds 7 and beyond or those picked up on the waiver wire for the restricted spots.

If a player is traded he will be recognized as he was when originally drafted and in accordance to the rules of that year. Those players selected in 2000-2003 (4 seasons) rounds 1-8 are restricted to a loss of pick whereas years 2004 and beyond rounds 1-6 are restricted.

On Draft day players cannot be traded from one team and back to that same team in the same season to prevent a team from refreshing the 3 year limit on restricted players.

A player traded to another team during the season will result with that player already playing with that team traded to for one season. Therefore that player will be able to be retained as a restricted for 2 more seasons and as a franchise indefinitely.


For each fantasy game, points are generated in the following manner:



10 YDS Rushing/Receiving= 1pt

20 YDS Passing = 1pt

Rushing/Receiving TD = 6 pts

Passing TD = 4pts

Rush/Rec/Pass TD 30-39 YDS= 1pt

Rush/Rec/Pass TD 40-49 YDS= 2pts

Rush/Rec/Pass TD 50 YDS and Over= 3pts

Rushing/Receiving PAT = 2pts

Passing PAT = 2pts

Kicking PAT = 1pt

FG </=39 YDS= 3pts

FG 40-49 YDS= 4pts

FG >/=50 YDS= 5pts


Individual Defensive players IDP (DL,LB,DB):

Tackles = .5

Assisted Tackles= .25

Defensive fumble recovery = 2pt

Forced Fumble =1pt

Defensive TD = 6pts

Interception = 2pt

Sack= 2pt

Safety= 2pts




Standings are kept by a League Points System rather than Wins and Losses. 2 Points are awarded for a win and 0 points for a loss. This is how the NHL keeps track of standings.

In addition to wins and losses, fantasy scores will be awarded league points. Below is how the system will break down. Ties will be broken by the highest bench player’s score of the two teams tied.  The Top 5 teams will receive points.

1st in scoring for the week- 2pts

2nd in scoring for the week- 2pts

3rd in scoring for the week- 1pt

4th in scoring for the week- 1pt

5th in scoring for the week- 1pt

This system allows for the competition of Head to Head play, but makes for a better way of judging the quality of teams. A high score will no longer be wasted if a team loses. Wins and losses will still be listed, but the overlying factor is Total League Points.


In a League Points System, If two teams end in a tie with the starting lineup, then the highest total fantasy points scored by an inactive player on either teams roster will be added. If still a tie, then the second highest scoring player will be added, and so on until the tie is broken.

When there is a tie between two teams in total team points at the end of the season.   If this were to occur, then win/loss record during the regular season is the deciding factor. If there is still a tie, then the following scheme is in effect.

1) Division wins

2) Total Points Scored (Points For in Regular Season)

3) Coin Flip


6 teams will advance at the end of the regular season based on their Total League Points. The two division winners will be granted a playoff spot as well as the next four best teams. These teams are seeded by total league points, with the top two teams (not necessarily the division winners) having a bye. The remaining 4 teams play in a Wildcard Game (with 3 playing 6 and 4 playing 5). The two winners of the Wildcard game play the two top scoring teams for the rights to play in BIG PETER BOWL II. The winner of the Big Peter Bowl is the league champion.

The four teams that miss the playoffs will have a shot at the coveted TOILET BOWL. These teams will be seeded 1 through 4, based on total league points. In the first round, Seed 1 will play Seed 4 and Seed 2 will play Seed 3. The two winners of the first round advance to TOILET BOWL II. The remaining two teams play for the chance to become the WORST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE. The owner of this team has to supply the beer for the next year’s draft. The remaining owners will collaborate to decide the name of the worst team in the league for the following year. This will take place at the following year's draft.


A league fee of $125 is to be paid by each owner. $140 is used for access to CBS Sportsline. $25 is used for the engraved nameplate on the BPFL trophy. The remaining $1085 will be dispersed in the following manner:



Big Peter Champion-  $300

Champion Loser-   $150

Toilet Bowl Champion-  $20


Regular Season:


1st place - $150

2nd place- $125

3rd place- $90

4th place- $70

5th place- $50

6th place- $30




Highest total season points scored by a QB- $20

Highest total season points scored by a RB- $20

Highest total season points scored by a WR- $20

Highest points scored by a team in the Reg Season for one week- $20

Most points scored against a team for the season gets $20


*Note that if a player is traded during the season and was to win of the above awards then the two teams involved in the deal will split that monetary award at the end of the season.

The incentive payouts will be that of the regular season results only.



$5.00 fine for unset lineups where players injured for a long period of time or are on the bye week that are started.


$10.00 Fine for every 2 weeks that payment to the league is not paid starting from the date of the Pre-draft Meeting.


$5.00 fine to those who have illegal rosters, either too many players on the team or players placed on IR who are not injured.  (meaning they have to a + injury sign next to their name).

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