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2008 Trades 

Joe Traded Clinton Portis to Corey for Terrel Owens

Joe Also Traded Andre Johnson to Corey for Tony Romo

Dave Traded his 1st and 4th in this past 2008 draft to jay for Torry Holt

Dave Traded Willie Parker, Dwayne Bowe and his 2nd rd pick in the 2009 draft to Ryan for Larry Fitzgerald and Brandon Jacobs.

Corey Trades Santonio Holmes and Clinton Portis to Dave for Larry Fitzgerald and daves 3rd round pick in 2009

Sean Trades Tomlinson to Jer for Adrian Peterson

Dave Trades Brandon Jacobs to Jer For Larry Johnson

Dave trades Ryan Grant to Jay for Bernard Berrian

Dave Trades Larry Johnson to Debo for Steve Smith and Willis McGahee

Dave Trades Chad Johnson to corey for Ray Rice and Corey’s 3rd rd pick in 2009

Dave Trades Anthony Fasano and his 4th round pick to Jay for Chris Cooley

Dave Trades Kurt Warner to Corey for Santana Moss

Brown Growlers trade Brian Westbrook to Donkey Show Cleanup
Crew for Clinton Portis

Dave Trades Torry Holt and Ricky Williams to Jeff for Jeff’s 4th round pick in 2009

Jay Traded Michael Turner to Corey for Corey’s 3rd round pick in the 2009 Draft and Corey’s 1st Rd Rookie Draft Pick

Jay trades Lee Evans to Dave for daves 3rd round and 6th round pick in the 2009 Draft

Dan trades Jones-Drew to dave for McGahee, Ray Rice, and Donkey's 1st round rookie pick in 2009

Corey trades Eli Manning to Dave for Dave’s 4th rounder in 2009. Will be pushed through on Tuesday

Jer Trades Hines Ward to Sean for Sean’s 6th round pick in the 2009 Draft

Jer Trades Chris Gamble to Corey for Corey’s 10th round pick in the 2009 Draft

2007 Trades

Debo trade Jason Witten to Sean for Joey Galloway and Jerious Norwood and Sean's 6th rd pick in 2008.

Dave Trades Joseph Addai and Roy Williams to Danny for Larry Johnson.

Dave Trades Antonio Gates to Corey for Carson Palmer and his 5th round pick in 2007

Jeff Trades Drew Brees and Shaun Alexander to Debo for Frank Gore and Phillip Rivers.

Dave Trades Larry Johnson to Jer for Edgerin James, Clinton Portis, and Andre Johnson

Jeff Trades TJ Houshmandzadeh and Ahman Green to Jer for Marion Barber and Greg Jennings

Dave Trades Edgerin James and Javon Walker to Danny for Laurence Maroney and Reggie Wayne

Dave Trades Steven Jackson, Andre Johnson, and Clinton Portis to Joey for Lee Evans and Willie Parker along with his 2nd round pick in the 2008 Draft.

Dave Trades his 7th round pick in the 2008 Draft to Joey For Julius Jones.

Dave Trades Jason Campbell to Jer for Derek Mason

Jeff Trades Jesse Chatman to Corey for Santana Moss

Dave Trades his 3rd round pick in 2008 to Debo for Lendale White

Jeff Trades Kevin Jones to Corey for Chris Henry

Joey trades Marvin Harrison to Ryan for Ben

Dave Trades Julius Jones, Greg Olsen, Carson Palmer, and Reggie Wayne to Sean for Dwayne Bowe, Jeff Garcia, Ryan Gant, Chad Johnson, and Donovan McNabb

Dave Trades Deion Branch to Joey for joe’s 4th round selection in 2008

 2006 Trades

Dave Trades LJ Smith and his 4th round pick (Todd Heap) in the 2007 draft to Joey for Antonio Gates.

Danny Trades Chris Chambers to Sean for the Vikings D


Dave Trades Rudi Johnson, Lee Evans and his 5th round pick (Bernard Berrian )in the 2007 draft to Jay for Roy Williams, Willis McGahee, and Jay’s 4th round pick (Tatum Bell)  in the 2007 draft


Joey Trades Reggie Wayne and his 3rd round pick (Vincent Jackson) in the 2007 draft to Danny for Joe Horn and Eli Manning.


Corey Trades Joseph Addai and Lee Evans and his 4th (traded to Joe from Dave) round pick in 2007 to Dave for Terrell Owens and daves 5th round pick(Chris Chambers)  in the 2007 draft.

Jeff Trades Clinton Portis, Greg Jennings, and Mike Vanderjagt to Jer For Bernard Berrian, Edgerrin James, and Cadillac Williams

Dave Trades Chad Johnson and Marcus Robinson to Sean for Terrell Owens and Issac Bruce

Debo Trades the Falcons D to Danny for Dan's 6th Rd pick (Jon Kitna) in the 2007 draft.

Dave Trades Edgerrin James, Lamont Jordan, Steve Smith and his 4th round pick (Marion Barber) in the 2007 to Jer for Rudi Johnson, Chad Johnson, and Jer's 5th round pick (Ben Watson) in 2007.

Dave Trades DeAngelo Williams, Troy Williamson, and his 7th round pick (Adam Vinatieri) in the 2007 draft to Ryan for Donte Stallworth.

Dave Trades Marvin Harrison and Jamal Lewis To Joey for Stephen Jackson.

Dave Trades Carson Palmer, Reggie Brown and Javon Walker to Corey For Jake Delhomme, Jamal Lewis, and Steve Smith.

Dave Trades Corey Dillon and Laurence Maroney and his 2nd round pick (Reggie Brown) in 2007 to Danny for Deangelo Williams and LaMont Jordan.

Dave Trades His 1st (Brian Westbrook) and 4th (Tom Brady) in the 2006 draft to Sean for Marvin Harrison.


2005 Trades

Sean Trades Julius Jones To Debo for Mike Anderson.

Dave Trades Jake "The Snake" Plummer to Corey for DeShaun Foster.

Jer Trades his 2nd round pick (javon Walker) in the 2006 draft to Dave for Rudi Johnson.

Debo Trades Carson Palmer and his 4th round pick (Donald Driver) in the 2006 draft to Dave for Tiki Barber.

Sean Trades Frank Gore, Priest Holmes, And his 6th round pick in 2006 fAor A. Boldin. 

Dave trades Matt Hasselback, Terry Glenn and his 4th rounder in 2006 (ahman Green) to Ryan for Joey Galloway

On a special not I fucked up this year and allowed two trades that should not have gone through.  In the rule book it states that no player can be traded back to the team that he was traded from until the following season.  Therefore Debo should not have got Priest back and Danny should not have got Jimmy Smith back.  In the future this will be upheld and apologize for the error.  Contrary to popular belief I do have a life and cant remember everthing.

Dave Trades his 2nd round pick (joe horn) in 2006, Jimmy Smith, and Heath Miller To Danny for Randy Moss

Dave Trades Larry Fitzgerald and Stephen Davis to Jer for Tiki Barber and Jimmy Smith

Dave Trades his 3rd round pick (jake Delhome) and his 7th round pick (Aaron Brooks)  in 2006 to Corey for Rudi Johnson

Dave Trades Eddie Kennison to Joey for Rueben Droughns

Danny Trades Jimmy Smith to Jer for Chris Chambers and Jer's 4th rounder (joey Galloway) in 2006

Jeff Trades his 6th round pick (Philip Rivers) in the 2006 draft to Jay for Donte Stallworth

Jeff trades Dominick Davis and his 3rd round pick in 2005(Ashlie Lelie) to Jay for Shaun Alexander

Debo Trades Priest Holmes to Sean for Deuce McCallister.

Dave Trades Tomlinson and Marvin Harrison to Team Sean for Edgerin James, Larry Fitzgerald, Stephen Davis, and Sean’s 5th round pick (Jason Witten) in the 2006 Draft.

Dave Trades Chris Brown to Jay for Jay's 4th round pick (Corey Dillon) in the 2006 Draft

Dave Trades Clinton Portis and his 6th round pick (Alge Crumpler) in 2006 to Jeff For Ahman Green and Jeff’s 4th round pick (traded to Sean) in 2006.

2004 TRADES:

 Corey Traded  Marvin Harrison to Jay for Jay's 2nd Round pick in 2005 (Deshaun Foster)

 Corey Traded Terrell Owens to Sean for Darrell Jackson, Rudy Johnson and      Sean's 3rd round pick in 2005 (Issac Bruce)

Dave Traded Roy Williams to Jay for Marvin Harrison and Jay's 5th round pick in 2005 (Eddie Kennison)

Corey Traded Clinton Portis to Dave For Corey Dillon and Dave's 4th Round Pick in 2005 (Donald Driver)

Corey Traded Darrell Jackson to Dave for Koren Robinson and Dave's 7th round pick in 2005 (Jake Delhomme)

Corey Traded Marc Bulger and his 7th round pick in 2005 (Keyshaun Johnson) to Danny for Donovan Mcnabb

Joe Traded his 3rd round pick in 2005 (Mike Anderson) to Debo for Reggie Wayne

Jeff Traded his 4th round pick in 2005 (Larry Fitzgerald) to Sean for Rod Smith.

2003 TRADES:

Jeff Trades his 6th round pick in 2004 (the bad part about this is that Jer ended up somehow getting my 4th round pick this year instead of the 6th and I am pissed about it where he selected Larry Fitzgerald) to Jer for Chad Pennington

Corey trades Brad Johnson to Danny for Drew Bledsoe and Danny's 9th round pick in 2004 (Lee Evans)

Jer Trades Fred Taylor to Dan for Ashley Lelie and Dan's 2nd rounder in 2004 (Chris Brown)

Jer Trades Jimmy Smith and Anthony Thomas to Dave for Andre Johnson

Jeff Trades William Green to Corey for Derrick Mason

Corey Trades Amos Zeroue to Joe for Joe's 4th round pick in 2004

Jer Trades Stephen Davis to Ryan for Ryan's 2nd round pick in 04 (Tiki Barber)

Joe trades Joe Horn and his 2nd rounder to jay for Ricky Williams

Jay Trades Priest Holmes and Javon Walker to Debo for Travis Henry and Charles Rogers

Joe Trades Troy Hambrick to Jay For Tom Brady

Corey Trades Deuce McCallister and Reggie Wayne to Sean for Terrell Owens and Eddie George

Debo trades Michael Bennett to Ryan's for his 3rd round pick (Javon Walker) in the 2004 draft

Dan Trades Shawn Alexander and his 8th round pick (Tatum Bell) in the 2004 draft to Jay for Travis Henry and Joe Horn.

Joe Trades Hines Ward to Sean for his 1st round pick in 2004 (Brian Westbrook) (made at the draft)

2002 TRADES:

Chad Pennington From TEAM JEFF to TEAM JOE For Dolphins D.

Marshall Faulk From TEAM DAVE to TEAM JOE for Stephen Davis and 1st Round Draft Pick (Corey Dillon) in 2003 BPFL Draft.

Aaron Brooks From TEAM DAN to TEAM RYAN for Donovan McNabb.

Marvin Harrison From TEAM JASON to TEAM COREY for Ricky Williams, Koren Robinson, and 8th Round Draft Pick (Antonio Bryant) in 2003 BPFL Draft.

Rich Gannon, Charlie Garner, and Muhsin Muhammad From TEAM JEREMY to TEAM RYAN for Randy Moss, Mike Anderson, and Raiders D.

Buccaneers D from TEAM DEBO to TEAM JOE for Corey Bradford and 7th Round Draft Pick (Garrison Hearst) in 2003 BPFL Draft.

Steve McNair from TEAM DEBO to TEAM JEFF for 4th Round Draft (Ontarrio Smith)  Pick in 2003 BPFL Draft.

Jay Fiedler from TEAM COREY to TEAM JEFF for Trent Dilfer and Raiders D.

Michael Pittman from TEAM COREY to TEAM JASON for Clinton Portis, Jeremy Shockey, and 9th Round Draft Pick (Martin Gramatica ) in 2003 BPFL Draft.

2001 TRADES:

Az-Zahir Hakim From team Jer to Team Joe For Chris Weinke.

Joe Horn from TEAM JEFF to TEAM JOE for 3rd Round Draft Pick (Michael Bennett) in 2002 BPFL Draft.

Drew Bledsoe from TEAM DAVE to TEAM DEBO for 9th Round Draft Pick (Sebastian Janikowski)  in 2002 BPFL Draft.

Eddie George from TEAM DEBO to TEAM SEAN for 3rd (Keyshawn Johnson) and 7th Round Draft (Willie Jackson) Picks in 2002 BPFL Draft.

2000 TRADES:

Trent Green from TEAM JASON to TEAM JEREMY for 6th Round Draft Pick In 2001 (Jeff Wilkins) BPFL Draft.

Shawn Bryson and 2nd Round Draft Pick (Eric Moulds) In 2001 BPFL DRAFT from TEAM JEFF to TEAM JOE for Tyrone Wheatley and Beer Responsibilities For 2001 BPFL Draft (If Team Joe Is Worst Team In 2000 BPFL Season).

Peyton Manning, Ron Dayne and Wesley Walls from TEAM JASON  to TEAM  COREY for Kerry Collins, James Stewert and Amani Toomer.

Donovan McNabb from TEAM JASON  to TEAM RYAN for Detroit Defense.

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