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Amendments for the 2008 Season
Amendment 1:   Dave Suggested having a ball lotto for the actual draft exactly how we currently do the Rookie and Defensive players.
Amendment 2:  Ryan Suggested having IDP's score on Kick and Punt Returns
Amendment 3:  Many have suggested having the Defensive draft included in the regular Draft and a scoring adjustment to make this happen.
Amendment 4: Some have suggested a refinement to the draft having it Non-snakeback for rounds 1-4 and then Snaking rounds 5-12
Amendment 5:  Corey has suggested that we have the rosters clearified and restricted to having 6 IDP's at all times on your team.  Then you would have you 11 starters(3 IDP's) 12 Reserve players (3 IDP's) and then the 2 IR's.  So basically the 9 Reserve spots with the IDP's not counted.  
Amendment 6  Jeff suggests more keepers or resticted players so that there is a dynasty feel and each team has their own identity. 
Amendment 7  Division Winners get the only two byes and then the next 4 best records from either division will be in the playoffs. I think this might heat up some division rivalries and give each division something to shoot for that is easy to see.
Amendment 8- A better resolve for the Add Drop period of 7pm.
Amendment 9- Dan wants to do away with the Rookie Draft.

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