Big Peter Fantasy Football League


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Eight Seasons in the book and the BPFL is still as strong as ever.  Constant and Continual feedback and suggestions from

all members has made this league both easier to run and to be amongst the elite leagues in existence.   Thanks to Corey for

all of his help as co-commish.  The 2008 Draft will be at the House of Lavarnway and the 2008 Predraft will be at the house of

Simon.  Congrats to Regan’s Army for their 2nd Championship.  Will Season 9 be the first championship for Ryan? Jer? Sean? Joey?

Can the growlers go to a record 3rd straight BPFL final?   Can Debo’s new team name be more offensive than his current?  Oh yes, we

Must start to consider a new name for the Sodomizers for next season.   Get those ideas on to either Corey or myself.  Also any

Suggestions for the predraft meeting will be welcome.  Let’s all consider Vegas in 2009 !

Until Next Season....

Big Peter Fantasy Football 8 years and running

2007 Champ is Reagan's Army


big peter fantasy football