What we are looking for and what we are not!

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What we are looking for and what we are not!
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We here at the TINY ELVIS REVUE are looking for new bands that are the go getters of the world. Ones that take chances and branch out and will do anything to get their music out there. We are looking for the ones that are proud of the product that they present and have a passion and love of what they are doing. In This modern age there are is such an almost lazy attitude to push their music. There is this attitude of “our music is on our site review that” and that will get you nowhere.

We always like to ask that the album is sent to us even if it is on the net so that we have the exact order you wish the album to be perceived. That the album is presented in the manor you would want a promoter or a record label to take it in. Its not much to ask considering that we are the few reviewers that take hours out of our day to listen to the whole album not once not twice but at least 3 times. Why do you ask ? Well the reason being that when a reviewer sits down and listens they might be in a mood that is not responsive to what they are hearing. There is the possibility that this is one of the those albums that needs a few listens to really understand and accept it. There is always distraction whereas you might not hear something the first time that you might in the second or the third listen. No other reviewers do this. In fact you are lucky if they get by the first song.

In my time at WBNY I have seen buckets and bins of CD’s that are still in their wrappings. CD’s that will find their way to the trade in bins at your local record store. But it was I that was the one that rescued these albums and took them home to listen to them. I would wish the same of my former band when we released albums. I figure that others have to be like me when I played giving up my heart and soul and time and money to put together that album. The least one could do would be to take a few min from their busy lives to pop it in the player and see if this is something that they would listen to. Not everyone is like me but I have the experience and the knowledge of all aspects of a CD’s birth. I have done the recording process as a musician. I have done the recording process as a producer and technician. I have listened to albums as a consumer. I have done the same as a reviewer. I also have presented the material on the radio as a DJ. I have been all around music and all of its components for many years. In essence we are looking for exactly what one will do to get their music out there just as I would do anything back in the day to have others listen to what we had to say.

NOW what we are not looking for is pretty cut and dry. If you call into any of the following then you might want to ship you music elsewhere because this is not what we are all about.

1. If you watch American Idol or wished that you were on there for you big break then WE DON’T WANT YOU.

2. If you watch with envy Ashton Kutcher and found yourself wearing one of those shitty mesh trucker hats that as a kid we used as bases in pickup games of baseball then WE DON’T WANT YOU!

3. If you listen to your local radio station and are content hearing the newest instrument lacking rap act or boy band and are content with that the WE DON’T WANT YOU!

4. If you are a follower, “A yes Sir Person”, a person without pride, mindlessly trailing the latest fashion fad or the newest lack of originality then WE DON’T WANT YOU!

5. If MTV is on your TIVO so you don’t miss any of the goings on in this void of lack of self expression then WE DON’T WANT YOU!

6. If in your pics on your profile you have one or many pics of you or your band mates striking a pose with a gangster peace sign formed with your hand then WE DON’T WANT YOU.

7. If you look at this site and what we do and question “What are you gonna for me” and if you cant figure that out already then WE DON’T WANT YOU!

Now that we have that established lets do some rocking and some reviewing and lets see where this crazy world leads us.

Expertise in Indie, emo, lo-fi, pop, punk, Psychedelic, Trip-hop, Jazz, Folk and Blues