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For All I Care


Tenet - 2005
Review By Tiny Elvis


Melissa – Vox and Guitar,  Phil- Bass and Keyboards, Jose- Guitar, Trip- Drums, Hex- Guitar


This Five Piece originates from Chicago IL offering up an interesting blend of styles on their 2005 EP “Tenet”. The EP is vocally driven by Melissa, as she runs the scales with her voice.  She is a strong singer that seemingly offers up both heart and soul into each of their songs.  You can see now the Cranberries Compairison with Melissa’s vocal similarities.  Phil on Bass is the skeleton of their sound offering up some fresh bass like that of track 2’s “…and on the next page”.  Guitar work is subtle but effective throughout by both Jose and Hex.  The album as a whole is a driven melodic album with indeed some nice surprises.  There are hits and misses and some of that can be vocal highs that don’t fit some parts of the song.  There are a few of these and some dragged out presenting that may be too much for some but over all this is a good effort.


Recommended if you like:  The Cranberries, Mercury Rev

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Girls on Film


Dance Teria - 2005
Review By Tiny Elvis


RIO - Vocals
METRO - Keyboards; Programming
KAZHMIR - Bass Guitar; Backing Vocals


This is an interesting effort out of TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA.  This 4 piece’s 2005 release of “Danceteria” is a New Wave- Electro album.  Never really did I want to find my way back into the 80’s but if indeed you did this would be a good album to start with.  There is a lot of pac man, super Mario, synth sounds through out this album so if that is your cup of tea than it sure as shit is time for this and crumpets.  I liked the starting of track 3’s “Black Light” but then there was that 80’s sound again.  Rio’s Voice is very cool though.  It is sharp, crisp, and sassy and works for me.  I would love it more in a punk band or more of a modern instrument band but you cant have everything you guess.  There is a scene for this music and It just isn’t for me.  It is well put together and captures what they are going for.  It most definitely is different at least for the 21st Century. 


Recommended if you like:  Girls on Film, Berlin, The Cars, The Jets

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The Rewinds


Self Titled - Livewire Recordings- 2005
Review By Tiny Elvis


 Michael Shackelford- Lead Vocals,Guitar Glenn Drennen - Vocals,Lead Guitar Brooks Marks- Drums, Vocals Chris Markham- Bass

The Rewinds

Hailing from Birmingham AL, The Rewinds offer up instant radio friendly songs laden with hooks.  This is evident immediately with the first track.  I would imagine that the first track is entitled "Sherrie" But the certainly to this is not evident.  I would name it that though.  (In case you were wondering the track list was not enclosed, that happens sometimes).  The songs are orchestrated quite well with a rich recording.  This 3-track power pop album is tight, like a virgin on prom night so the full length I can imagine will just as good.  Michael Shackelford hits the mark vocally along with Glenn Drennen, which are both easy on the ears and dynamic in range.  His Backing of Brooks Marks- Drums, Vocals Chris Markham- Bass keep things together and flowing from highs to the lows in chorus and verse.  A fun and bouncy album that truly is power pop. 

Recommended if you like: Superdrag, The Replacements, Fountains of Wayne, Matthew Sweet, and Sloan

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