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Short Story Rec.Company


Self Titled- 2005
Review By Tiny Elvis


 George & the Dragons. Currently on Duty: Anthony Armstrong, Joseph Mc Intosh, Roger Bryan, Ray Fulton, Erik Roesser.  Guest Appearances by: Dave Gilmet, Kristin Gilmet, and Molly Grace.

Not too often do City Scenes have collaboration projects whereas the best of the area join forces from their respective regular bands to create a project like this. This Project is Fronted by Dollar Canon Lead Singer, Guitarist, Bassist, and Organ George Skaros along with Dollar Canon Drummer Anthony Armstrong. Roger Bryan, Ray Fulton and J. Scott Mcintosh make up this Super band known as Short Story Record Co. Special Appearances include that of Kristin and Dave Gilmet and Molly Grace. Singer Songwriter George Skaros might very well be a musical genius pulling together thoughts and ideas in song that are both familiar and heartfelt to the listener. The only other songwriters that have been able to pull off this comfort and brilliance in my eyes are Hayden and Jeff Tweedy. The only bad thing I can say about these guys is like the first time you find out that Santa Claus isn’t real. What I mean is it only seems that this super band makes a one or two appearances a year so they aren’t a real touring band. That in itself is quite the tragedy and a great loss to one of the better musical scenes there is in Buffalo Ny. With that said this short EP captures the elegance and charm of the band as well as the masterful attention to detail that makes a song stand out amongst all others. Skaros’ Singing/songwriting coupled with the dynamic drum style of Anthony Armstrong make’s this an album that you must check out. Armstrong could very well be the best drummer that I have ever seen live and I have definitely seen my share. He seems to know no bounds as to what can be accomplished with the drums. Arms a blur with unique, fresh and mostly amazingly difficult beats sets them apart from the average band by leaps and bounds. Roger, Ray and Joey flesh out the songs and add their own brilliance to a great sound and a great EP. Now if we had a full length we would be talking money.

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Expertise in Indie, emo, lo-fi, pop, punk, Psychedelic, Trip-hop, Jazz, Folk and Blues