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1. Ctrl Alt Delete


Self Titled (early release) 2003?  2005?
Review By Tiny Elvis


Members Are:  ADAM vocals, guitar, writer.  LEYLA keyboards.  EVELYNE or ANNIE bass. JK drums

Ctrl Alt Delete hails from Long Beach California with a blend of synth-rock and 80's nostalgia.  They are able to pull off this sound with what is a well-recorded EP offering an interesting throw back sound.  The blend of the synth with the traditional instruments does capture the sound they are aiming for.  The Guitar work of Adam on track three's "Famous at Night" is full of motion that keeps the track from offing into static.  Track Six is the shining gem off this EP.  A smooth baseline by Evelyne coupled with some tight synth sounds by Leyla make this melodic offering a wonderful surprise.  So if you wanted to take a step back into the alternative of the 80's with a modern twist Ctrl Alt Delete are the ones for you. 

Recommended if you like Depeche Mode, New Order, Shudder to Think, The Cure

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2. Bourbon Princess


Dark of Days- 2005- Accurate/ Hi-N-Dry
Review By Tiny Elvis


Band Members

Monique Ortiz- vocals, fretless bass, baritone guitar, 2-string slide bass, organ.

Jerome Deupree- drums and percussion.

Dana Colley- tenor and baritone saxes, melodica, bass clarinet (on record).

Russ Gershon- tenor and baritone saxes (live and on record).

Bourbon Princess hits hard with "Dark of Days" a slick and savvy album that I can easily see being preformed in the ill lit back alleys of the French Quarter.  Monique Ortiz lays it down track after track with her fretless bass slipping and sliding with grace and elegance.  Her Sultry voice couldn't be anymore complimentary to the sound being backed by the always-unbelievable beats of Jerome Deupree and by saxophonist Russ Gershon.  Jim Moran deals out some piano and Guitar.  Jonah Sacks lays down some sweet cello on "Dark of Days" that is elegant and moving.  The feel of this is like that sweet jam groove that The Doors were known for, yet they are coupled with Monique's poetic odes.  This is one of those albums that I am sure that you can listen to during the day but I doubt that it will do it as much justice as on a sticky and hot summers night.  That is when I found myself locked into the sound of Bourbon Princess.  Familiar influences and members with both talent and history make these cats both familiarly comforting and yet something completely original to the ears.  I have a notion that this is not the last we will hear of a band like Bourbon Princess setting the stage for what really equates to a feel that can only be described as "Cool". 

Recommended if you like: Nick Cave, John Lee Hooker, The Doors, Morphine, Nina Simone,

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3. The Molecules


DNA forever EP- 2005
Review By Tiny Elvis


Band Members

guylaine vivarat-goodich - songs, lyrics, vocals, keyboards

nikolai vivarat-goodich - songs, lyrics, vocals, guitars

christina park - songs, bass

jason "plucky" anchondo warlock AND bob warlock - drums ( both appear on our upcoming 2005 EP courtesy of The Warlocks )

aaron robinson - lap steel

ira westley - tuba

As soon as you pop this baby in your player you know right off the bat that this is going to be a musical journey.  One out of ten times you are let down with this notion but this was not the case with the Molecules "DNA Forever EP".  They start off with audio from a speech from JFK and slowly bring in music instrument by instrument building and building like a step pyramid.  Then once you reach the top they unleash it all on you and you are emmerced .  I was absolutely blown away by her singing style and delivery of Guylaine.  It is blanketed with such heart and sincerity that I had to keep repeating it.  But if you do that you miss the albums full theme that takes you along track by track on that musical journey that I spoke of.  The layering of vocals is tight like that of Canada's "Eric's Trip" which then became "Elevator to Hell" then just "Elevator Through" but you get the point.  The style in itself is a wonderful blend of that of Nikolai and Guylaine who offer that masculine and feminine vocal duets, harmonies and lyrical asides.  The Halo Benders were able to do this in a similar fashion (But Doug Martsch is not feminine at all but he is just a higher singing style to the baritone voice of Calvin Johnson).  Collectively they are masterful. Christina Park lays down the slick groundwork with well-fashioned bass lines linked up brilliantly with Jason Warlock's drums.  This foundation allows for some intraqit songs that allow Nikolai to take his whirling and seething guitar to new places.  In the Same Guylaine can wonder and explore with the piano and or keyboard.  They together can use their vocal talents take you even deeper.  Their use of certain speeches and soundbytes is wonderful and well placed.  Often bands can over do it with spoken word and audio from motion pictures and television.  This is not the case with these cats. You can bet your ass that they are on the rise and seem to have the makings of a great band.  The Molecule's are able to pool their talents together to make great epics of music that are both interesting and fresh.  Each time you listen it seems as if you catch something new and something even more amazing than the last.
Recommend if you enjoy: Eric's Trip, Elevator to hell, Quasi, Sianspheric, Gifted Children

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